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Comparison of Spiritual Disciplines,
12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous,
and the Oxford Group Principles

This is a comparison of some of the most popular ways people use specific behaviors or attitudes that they normally would not use, for the sake of their spiritual development. The books available at Amazon.com are linked to their site for your convenience!

Books, authors and spiritual steps compared

Spirit of the Disciplines Celebration of Discipline Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life Alcoholics Anonymous & 12 Steps & 12 Traditions Oxford Group
Richard Foster Donald Whitney Bill W. Sam Shoemaker
Solitude Solitude Solitude Steps 4, 10  
Silence (incl in Solitude) Silence    
Fasting Fasting Fasting    
Frugality Simplicity      
Study Study Bible Intake    
Worship Worship Worship Step 11  
Celebration Celebration      
Service Service Serving Steps 8, 9, 12 Restitution
Prayer Prayer Prayer Step 7, 11  
Fellowship     (meetings) Work with other sufferers
Confession Confession   Step 5 Confession
Submission Submission   Steps 3, 6, 9 Dependence on God
  Meditation   Step 11  
  Guidance   (Sponsorship) Work with other sufferers
    Journaling (Journaling)  
    Evangelism Step 12  
      Step 4 Moral Inventory
      Steps 1, 2 Deflation of pride

This is not a list of all the Christian Disciplines that one can name. There is Discipling, Humility, Honesty and more. Remember that the purpose of any of these is to get more the eyes, the viewpoint, the mind and the heart of God, by experiencing what He experienced. Taking our eyes off ourselves, and looking at things from a new point of view.

Some of you are familiar with disciplines from other religions, as Christianity is not the only one to see their value. If you want to see how they compare, and that will help me to make that a higher priority project.

Which of these are you called to do? Which of these have you neglected? Which have helped you to grow? Which have you avoided?