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REAL Vampires

Is it possible that the Vampire myths had a Christian beginning? Did someone compare the carnal man with the spiritual man? I mean, did someone compare the self-centered little boy that I have been to the God-centered man I want to become?

(If you think discussing vampires is evil, and Christians
should avoid these discussions, please click here.)

Let's look at the supposedly mythical vampire, and compare how they are the natural man, and compare them to the attributes of the spiritual man! Vampires are:

  • Physically strong (over-dependent on the physical side of life)
  • Cast no reflections in mirrors (refuses to look at himself in depth)
  • Fear the cross (don't want to take it up, don't want the growth it demands, don't want to admit God exists, don't want to face God, either!)
  • Fear daylight (the truth hurts, and ends denial, reveals flaws)
  • Devour others, and make some of them similiar to themselves (be like me, I need the justification for my selfishness. Then I can say, "everybody else did it, too!")
  • Prey upon the life of others (I win when I make you lose.)
  • Self-serving at the cost of others (I did it my way! You got in the way!)
  • Can shape-change into bats, wolves, etc. (certainly act inhumane at times, deny own humanity, become what is necessary to survive, have all change be on the surface, without any real change inside.)
  • Cold, pale, imitations of real humans (pale shadows of spiritual men, shallow, not compassionate. Horny, but not empathic. Can act respectfully without respecting. Can appear generous but can not truly give. Can appear wealthy but be empty.)
  • Hypnotic in their ability to coerce others (great rationalizers, offer tempting addictions, helping others give in to their weaknesses as they give in to theirs.)
  • Difficult to kill, they are almost immortal (don't want to die, or grow older and wiser! Ask anyone that has tried hard to grow up. It is impossible without God!)
  • Vulnerable to a wooden stake in their heart (killing their hard-heart, only deep pain there will awaken them. Only the material of the cross can kill these guys. See the entry immediately above)
  • Vulnerable to sunlight (the light of truth, reality, shows their weakness) "in the dark, no one knows you're naked."
  • Get their strength from their soil (they hold onto the past, fearing the future)