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Unhealthy Things

This is based on the premise that God created everything, and all things are the way that God wanted them to be. I know we can argue that, but for the purposes of what is presented here, let's take that as reality. Starting there, I went on to ask, "Why did God choose to make some things bad, or unhealthy for us? Why are some things not rewarded, but punished? Is there a deeper lesson in these things, or were they arbitrarily picked out? How 'wise' is God, after all?"

Here I exercise the thought that God has a reason for doing so, and that the reasons are often, if not always, based on a spiritual lesson. God is not as interested in life on Earth, as He is interested in our life after Earth. Thus the eternal must outweigh the temporary, and God has high quality, spiritual reasons for things that do not make sense to me. It is possible that some of God’s reasoning doesn’t make sense to others as well.

Here are some results of that thought process taken to specific examples of what God has done, and quite possibly, why. Again, I do not claim to be correct, I claim that this is what _does_ make sense to me once I thought it out, and offer these thoughts to you. I will add more items as I get the chance.

So, look below, read the title that catches your interest, and click on it to go read the article! Well, that is, if I have put it up yet! If it bugs you that I don't have the one you want up here, let me know using the feedback form and tell me to make the one you want a priority! Or, tell me about something you want me to add to this list!

Things we know are unhealthy:

1. A steady diet of pre-digested (like milk) and refined or processed foods, or not chewing your food thoroughly.

2. Sexual Incest.

3. Refined sugar and processed carbohydrates.