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Satan's Offer to Jesus

Satan is the epitome of self-centeredness. That is what he understands best. He processes questions like, "What's in it for me?" "What will I get out of it?" "What will you do for me?". That's why Satan first tried to coerce Jesus to use His Godly powers to satisfy personal desires, i.e., after the 40 day fast, he wanted Christ to turn a stone into bread. Jesus refused because obedience to God is more important than nutrition! Even after a 40 day fast! But that is not all. Bread is not evil, being self-centered is evil. After all, Jesus later took some and performed miracles with it, especially when giving to others that needed it! It was how He was going to get it and the self-centered use thereof that was correctly deemed evil, and what Satan was offering Him.

Next Satan asked Jesus to do something foolish, knowing that God promised to rescue Him! Along the line of "See how important I am to God? God rescued my from my own foolishness because God thinks that I am too important to be accountable for my stupidity?" It was again, a self-centered plot, hoping that Jesus could be enticed to be self-centered. Jesus already knew that faith in God means that when we follow His way as our faith allows, He will be faithful to us, BUT we are not to 'test God' by purposely forcing God to save us. This doesn't say that when we find ourselves in a mess God won't help, because He will. Its just that we get ourselves into enough trouble, giving God enough work to do, without purposely adding more. Neither mistakes nor life are evil. What is evil is intentionally making mistakes so that our hero can rescue us, boosting our ego. Like the 'victim mentality' so many people have, it is a very self-centered action and thought process. When you are a helpless victim, you should be pitied. If you are a willing, cooperative victim, and are using that victim status to manipulate people around you, then you should be disciplined. Though Jesus refused to jump from the temple purely for the sake of being rescued, He did get rescued at other times when He was doing God told Him to do.

Last but not least, Satan offered Jesus the whole world. Crafty. Jesus came to Earth to save the whole world. It was His dream and ambition to rule the world by His love. This time Satan again appealed to the self-centered thought process: "Let me help you get what you want more than anything because I will get more than you will out of it." Jesus didn't turn down ruling the world, He turned down getting it from Satan. The easy way was not the way He came to get it. He came for our souls. Jesus now rules, and will return in a 'Grand Opening' ceremony that will be a world wide event. It was not what the Devil offered that was evil, it was the manner of acquisition in all 3 cases that was "of the devil".

Nutrition, accepting help from others and ambition are the three things that were discussed. None of them were, nor are, evil. It's how you take care of yourself, why you need help from others, and the purpose of your ambitions that are the bottom line. Are you self-centered? Are you focusing on what you are getting? Are you focusing on what you are giving? It may be time to beg God forgiveness for your self-centered and selfish life. I don't blame you for having it, but you have no excuse for not letting go of it, anymore.

Some say that the word 'Joy' is an acronym for the secret to joy. That the letters stand for the order of priorities one should have when focusing on why to do something. Joy. J O Y. Jesus. Others. Yourself. Jesus first, then others, and lastly yourself. A sports analogy may be: Coach first, team second, personal career third. The best winning teams are the teams where the Coach knows how to pick the team members, both for skills and for attitude. Then the coach knows how to bring out the best in each of the players, and how to blend them into parts of an efficient machine. When the coach does that, and the player cooperates in developing both their athletic ability and their willingness to be led, their careers are well taken care of.

I believe in God's team. I don't do what some other players do because I have been given other responsibilities. I play a different position. The team needs them to do their parts well, and the team benefits if I do my part well. I do not have the responsibility to recruit for the team, in my understanding none of the players do. That job belongs to the coaching staff. If you do get an invitation to join the team, I hope you do not take it lightly, for it is a great honor. But, you won't be effective if you stay self-centered.

By the way, if you think about what you have read, you may realize that you did get an invitation to join the team. If you want to get in touch with me, or one of the many, many other members of the team about it.