Immortality is Eternal Life.

The longer the party, the shorter the list of invitees & the better their relationship with the host must be to get invited in the first place.

If you were going to have a party, maybe at the local hall or on the street with your neighbors, and it was going to be outside your house, you would be able to come up with a list of people that you would invite. Let's assume that the cost is all covered for you, and that it is an important event, so you can afford to be generous and you know you will benefit from having as many people as possible. An example of this kind of party or event could be a political fund raiser. How many would you invite?

Let's now talk about a party at your residence, that may go all afternoon. An example of this may be a birthday party for a family member. Would the list be the same length? If not, think about why the list would be different before you go on reading this article.

How about a weekend event at your residence, would that modify the list again? An example may be a family reunion. Again, what are the reasons for changing the list?

Again, if you celebrate Christmas, or another similiar holiday, at your residence and the people will stay for several days, maybe because some of them would travel a long way, would the list be the same?

Let's go one step further, whom would you invite to stay at your residence for several weeks? Is that list the same?

How about whom you invite to stay at your residence? That's right, STAY. They don't have to leave, because they are not guests for an event, they are also residents! Is that list the same?

My guess is that the list got shorter each time, and you ended up keeping people on the list based on one main thing: the relationship you have with them.

Another thought about these lists, especially the last one: On any of these lists, are some good people excluded? Did you fail to invite some very good people? Why?

I believe that it is safe to say that you failed to invite thousands of high quality people to your residence, based on simply not ever having had the chance to get to know them. They are complete strangers to you, or you just don't know them well enough to invite them to your home. It has nothing to do with them being good people or not. It has to do with the relationship.

If you tend to be more open minded about how many people you invite based on the length of the stay, AND if your list tends to keep the people that you know best, those with whom you have the best relationship with, you are very "God-like".

That is what God is doing with heaven and the gift of eternal life, or immortality. God only invites those with whom God has a great relationship.

Again, I believe that those people that have a quality relationship with God are the ones that will get invitations for the longest party ever held at any time, for all time.

Do you have a personal relationship with God? He invites you to such a relationship, and you have to accept it` and then build it like any other relationship in your life.

There are many who say that their personal relationship with God is the most important relationship in their life! They have an invitation to which they have already RSVP'd.