Of Doughnuts and Holes:
Or Children see clearly what we fog up!

The other night, my eight year old son was doing his homework and came across the following in his spelling book:

As the old saying goes . . . 
"As you go through life, make this your goal:
Keep your eye on the doughnut and not on the hole."

He asked me what that meant, and I went on to explain in my best attempt at a quality fatherly moment. I explained that the author of the line was talking about focusing on what you had, not what you didn't have.

I was on the roll (or doughnut) as I continued: The doughnut is made for eating (and I am living proof of that!) while the hole can not be eaten! When it is time to eat, focus on what you have, on what is in front of you, not on what you don't have, and maybe even wish you had.

I was planning on expanding this wisdom-passing moment by delving into how jealousy can ruin a life. I was going to go into how complaining about what we don't have makes one sour, and how being grateful for what one has makes one sweet. I was contemplating this great and wonderful discourse on the virtues of contentment, when I was interrupted by his younger sister, all of seven years, who said:

"It's like in the garden!"

Since we don't have a garden, just a corner of our yard that is a lasting monument to the persistence of weeds, I looked at her like she was an alien from outer space who had rudely interrupted the greatest speech about to ever have been given!

"Like in the garden, Daddy!" Her youthful excitement and exasperation with my inability to understand both came through like hot wax. However, I still didn't get it. After all, she had interrupted this great train of thought that I was trying to regain, how could I possibly listen to her?

"Daddy, remember in the garden?"

Finally, I was able to change my facial expression, and politely ask, "What happened in our garden, Precious?"

"Not our garden, Daddy, God's Garden! Don't you remember? God gave Adam and Eve all the fruit of the garden, that's the doughnut. The fruit that Satan gave them is the hole! They should have kept looking at the doughnut, not at the hole!"

Speechless, at a total loss of words, and humbled by the huge pile of wisdom I had been handed, (my ego is quite too big, I felt like I had been hit in the face with a baseball bat held by Mark McQwire) all I could do was tell her "You are exactly right!" and give her a gleeful hug.

Thrilled that her daddy finally got the point, she was ready to go watch Pokemon videos. After all, she had already finished her homework, and had been waiting for her brother to catch up.

The most fun I have in life, is parenting these two precious gems. Yes, I even am crazy enough to look forward to the teen age years, their college years, their wedding plans and their children! I want to play with them, too!