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Eggs, Shells and Omelet's

You have heard the old bit of wisdom that says, "You must break eggs to make omelet's." I have heard it many a time myself, so often in fact, that I started to question it.

What does "break the egg" mean anyway? Does it mean destroy the egg? No, the egg is still okay, unless I drop it on the floor. Or does it mean help the egg escape from the shell that has it trapped?

Let's agree on this: to make the omelet, you break the shell, not the egg.

What? I'll say it again: to make an omelet, you must break the shell.

To become more than an embryo with potential,
the shell, the protective prison, must be outgrown.

Only after the egg's protective shell, whose duty it is to protect the embryo, is broken can the potential of what lies inside be met. The egg can do no more than merely exist in the shell until the shell is broken. We like being protected, we can stay lazy that way!

Whether the egg's fate is to serve someone by supplying nutrients or to live its own life, it must shed the shell.

Chicks break their shells to become chickens. Cooks break shells to eat the egg, or to prepare it for others.

in a similiar way, the butterfly must shed the cocoon! The cocoon is critical to the butterfly's growth, but must give up the butterfly to let it live. Again, further growth is only possible when the protection is removed.

What about us? I believe that we can not live life fully nor serve God at our best if we do not emerge out from behind the defense mechanisms of our youth.

Like the shell, we really needed our defense mechanisms to survive childhood. Soldiers needed to protect themselves at the battlefield, but when they come home, those skills are no longer needed. In the same way, we needed the protection, the safety.

But if we stay there, someone else will come by and break it for us. Remember, chicks break their own shell, eggs get their shells broken for them. Which one would you rather your life reflect? Do you believe you still have the power to choose?

To read an excellent book about having cracks in our defensive walls, with the benefits of such, get "That's How The Light Gets In" from Amazon.com.

When you shed your shell, when you emerge from your cocoon, when the snake sheds his skin, when the crab sheds the shell, when the fuzzy worm emerges as a butterfly, a whole new world opens up.

Do you trust life, or God, enough to come out of your shell? It would be wonderful for you out here if you did.