Candle Light

This is a one-person skit based on the verse, "Let your light so shine, that people may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven." I performed this skit over 15 years ago before an audience of over 100 single adults. They were each given a four inch long, unlit candle before the start of the skit. We dimmed the lights in the room as far as we could before starting.

Scene: The room is dimly lit. There is a narrator at a podium in the front of an audience, and over a 100 people in the room. Each person in the room has been given a small, about 4 inch long candle, unlit.

Narrator: "This candle (shows own candle, still unlit, to the audience), is going to think aloud for the next few minutes. We are going to darken the room, so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to use your imagination during the darkened part of this skit. The candles in your hands will also get involved a little later. What will the rest of our church think, when they find out that over a hundred single adults sat quietly in a dark room together? Will someone please turn off the lights?

Scene: Dark room.

Candle: "Boy, life really is the pits! Everything is black. I think this is called black. Back where a whole bunch of us were being made I heard one of them people things refer to something like this. But I never imagined it to be this ugly. This empty. This scary."

"Is this what they meant went they said lonely? I remember how some of those people things would cry and tell me they were lonely. I never understood why they were sad. But then I was being created and I saw a whole bunch just like me."

"I remember one of them saying that I was beautiful. I wonder what she meant. I think it is something good, because she was so radiant when she said it. To tell the truth she was always radiant. Not like I feel right now."

Narrator: "Look at the world around us. World wide hunger. Wars and threats of wars. Poverty. The number one killer of teenagers in America is ... suicide. Millions of Americans are using drugs. Note also that the candle has not started to fulfill its mission in life. Though we know it was built to shed light, it doesn't. Actually the only thing it does with light right now is absorb it, as it has throughout its whole life. Remember how dark the room is right now, for something wondrous is about to happen, that may interfere with your memory of the darkness.

Scene: While the narrator continues, a lighter is lit above the candle, and it descends in the darkness, lighting the candle.

Narrator: "But despite this, God so loved the world, that He sent his only begotten Son, not to condemn the world, but to save the world."

Candle, now lit: "WOW! Look at all this beauty around me! This is neat! All sorts of colors that I have heard of! Look! A Podium! A Nose! Nah, that's a shnoz! Look, notes! Are those the words that I've been thinking aloud? Wow!"

"Wait a minute. I can see over here, but it's still dark over there.

(Walks across stage, to one of the corners)

"Wow! There's another one like me! Oops it's not like me. It's a dud. It's boring. It's like I used to be, but I'm more spiritual now. Look there's another one! Yech! Boy are all the other candles dull!"

"Wait a minute. How did that happen? It's dark back by the podium. It was light there a little while ago. I'm going back to find out what's going on."

(Walk back)

"It's not dark here! What's going on! Wherever I go, things aren't so boring, dull or gloomy! It must have something to do with me! (Pause) I brighten up the place! (Pause) It didn't use to be like that. What's the difference? I now light up the world around me, while others don't. Light up? Light? (Pause) I guess it's not me after all, it's the light I now have. I'm radiant like that woman said. Now I am beautiful, but I didn't do anything to deserve it. I just am, and I'm alone again. Those other candles are as dull as I was. Was! If I was changed, then they can be to!"

(Walk over to another candle)

"Light up and live! (Pause) It's ignoring me. Why? How can it be so stupid? (Pause) Wait a minute, it's not stupid, I've been stupid. It is where I was. No one explained light to me No one preached about being light to me. Someone just shared it with me. Maybe instead of telling this other candle how beautiful I feel, and how dull it is, I should share the source of the change in my life. I gotta try to reach out to it. I gotta share this light. I've never done that before. Will it work? Will it run out? Will I lose it? Here goes."

(Light the other candle and stay nearby)

"Wow! It works! Reaching out and touching does change others! This is exciting! (Pause) You know, the rest of the room is still dark. And all those other candles are still duds. But I'm afraid that if I keep sharing this light that I'll have less and less left each time. Anytime you give something away you've got less left over for you. Like a pizza that you cut up." (Pause)

(To other lit candle) "You stay here, I've got to go check something out."

(Walks to other side) "Yep, another dull candle. It was so much fun touching the other one, but I'm afraid. Hey, I can still see around me, just as much as I did before!? Except now I can also see over by the other candle. Does light grow when it is shared? Does that make sense?"

Narrator: "Proverbs 11:25 'A generous person will prosper, whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.'"

"Proverbs 22:9 'A generous person will be blessed'

"Luke 6:38 'Give and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, they will pour into your lap. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.'"

Candle: "Do you really mean that God? Maybe, maybe God's not answering because I don't deserve an answer, maybe I am not good enough. That's not it. God knows that I already know the answer, and God wants me to admit it to myself. (Pause) God means it, or it wouldn't be in there. Well, here goes."

(Light another candle)

"Wow, it really does work! And I still have just as much light left over as I started with! This is neat! (Pause) I wonder why the other candles aren't lighting others? Don't they know how great it is? No, I guess not. I didn't at first either. How will they learn how great it is, if I light all the other candles? I've got to let them experience this, then they'll know themselves. Just like it happened for me. Maybe if they see me light another one, they'll get the message. Here I'll get one in the middle.

Narrator: "Please note the light level in the room, and how it changes.

"For those of you with lit candles, please light a few around you, no more than three, and will the rest please follow suit until all the candles are lit."

Scene: People are lighting the candles of others, the room is now aglow.

Narrator: "And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overpower it.

"What can one person do in this world? Look at the room around you. All because a candle learned to share what it had. But if this looks brighter than it was, watch this. Will someone please turn on the lights?

(Room lights turned back on)

"As the light that turned the candle on came down from above, representing the descent from heaven to earth of Christ, and the candles each represent someone touched by the love of Christ, so the room lights represent the return of our Lord, and just how much more beautiful that will be. If the original candle now be extinguished, no one would even notice the light level drop. If Christ's love has not yet touched you, I pray that it will. If Christ's love has touched you, I pray that you will learn to respect it, and even more so, to share it. If you've learned to share it, I pray that you will learn to teach others to do so."