From His Letter to the Corinthians, Chapter Seven

(Taken from the APSV - an unpublished paraphrase of the entire New Testament)

1 “Concerning your questions on marriage, divorce and remarriage:

“ON MARITAL RESPONSIBILITY: Its good if you can refrain from sex, but because sexual immorality is so prevalent, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. I strongly recommend that they fulfill their marital duty to each other. Their bodies don't belong to themselves, but to each other. Do not deprive each other except by consent for a time, so you may focus on fasting and prayer. Then come together again so Satan won't tempt you because of your lack of self-control. This is a concession, not a commandment. I wish everyone was like me, but each person has his or her own unique gift from God.


8 “TO THE (FORMERLY MARRIED) DIVORCED AND WIDOWED: It is good for them to stay what they are, as I, Paul, have chosen to. If they have difficulty with self-control, let them marry, because its better to marry than to burn with passion.

10 “FOR THOSE MARRIED TO BELIEVERS, THE LORD GIVES THIS COMMAND: It is a sin for them to end their commitment to their Christian spouse. They are not free to leave and marry another. Stay in the relationship you are in. Stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill. If the wife is planning to leave, let her know that the two best options are to stay divorced, or come back to her husband. Husbands, always be committed to your wives.

12 “TO THOSE MARRIED TO NON-BELIEVERS: If a Christian man has a wife who is willing to live with him, he is not free to leave her. Vice-versa also: If a Christian woman has a husband who is willing to live with her, she is not free to leave him. In both of those cases, the unbelieving partner is sanctified through the believer. Otherwise your children would be hindered in their development and growth, but as it is, they are in the best position for them.

15 “However, if the unbelieving partner wants to leave, let them go. A Christian is not bound in that case; God has called us to live in peace. You are free to remarry, since they have chosen to end it. (Don't stone them, just divorce them.) You can't guarantee that you'll save your spouse!

17 “TO EVERYONE: Don't marry to change your social status, everyone should keep the place in life that the Lord assigned to them and to which God has called them. If you were Jewish, don't become something else. If you weren't Jewish, don't become Jewish. Where and how you worship is not as important as keeping God's commandments and your relationship with God. Bloom where God planted you. If you were a worker when called, don't let it trouble you. Though if you can gain your freedom, do so. Whoever was a worker when called by the Lord, is free for the Lord. The free, when called, are workers for the Lord. You were bought at a price; do not become enslaved by men. Each of us is responsible to God, and should accept our own background and the situation we were in when God called us.

25 “NOW, TO THE NEVER MARRIED: All I, Paul have to offer is my advice: remain as you are. (If married, don't seek a divorce; if single don't concentrate on looking for a mate.) However if you do marry, that's okay. Those that marry will face many troubles in this life, and you can be spared them. Its best to be free from concern. A single person has God first in their life; they want to please God. A married man wants to please his wife. The same goes for women. This is not a restriction, but a warning, that undivided devotion to the Lord is best. I don't say this to limit you, but to increase your joy and happiness.

36 through 38 (I admit I don't understand very well, but don't need it here. If you have good ideas about it, please .)

39 “Remember that a Christian is bound to their spouse as long as they live. If the spouse dies, (remember that what the Old Testament granted stoning for, the New Testament grants a divorce for, so they are included here) they are free to marry anyone they wish, if they know God is calling them to marry. (However, in Paul's opinion, they might stay happier without remarrying, and he is often right.)”

By the Grace of God, this has been given to and through: