Here's the last of it. The time of Exile, the 'Silent Years'. Some of the specific events I have not dated EXACTLY, but have been able to put them in sequence.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Jerusalem & Temple destroyed 3,487 3,476+11 Jeremiah 52:1-34(12&30)
Ezekiel shown New Jerusalem 3,501 3,476+25 Ezekiel 40:1
Egypt promised to Nebuchadnezzar 3,502 3,476+27 Ezekiel 29:17-20
Ezekiel meets "living creatures" 3,506 3,476+30 Ezekiel 1:1-
Belshazzar king in Babylon for >3 ? ? Daniel 8:1
Darius the Mede, replaces Bel.@62 "Dar"   Daniel 9:1/6:1
Daniel gets vision of 70 7's ? "Dar+1" Daniel 9:1
Amel-Marduk king in Babylon 3,513 3,476+37 2Kings 25:27
Jeremiah 52:31
Jehoiachin set free 3,513 as above 2Kings 25:27
Jeremiah 52:31
Cyrus king of Persia for 3+ 3,557 as below Daniel 10:1
2Chron 36:22
Cyrus orders rebuilding of temple 3,557 3,487+70 2Chron 36:22
Jeremiah 29:10
Sheshbazzar, Zerubbabel lead return 3,557 as above Ezra 2:1-70 &
Daniel gets a vision of a man 3,560 3,557+3 Daniel 10:1
Ahaseurus/Xerxes king in Persia >4 "A"   Esther 1:1
Esther becomes queen ? "A+3" Esther 1:1-2:17
Artaxerxes king in Persia "Art"   Ezra 7:1
Ezra goes to Jerusalem ? "Art+7" Ezra 7:1-8
Artaxerxes halts temple work ? "Art+7+?" Ezra 4:8-24
Nehemiah governor, leads work ? "Art+20" Nehemiah 2:10 & 5:14
Nehemiah returns to cleanse ? "Art+32+?" Nehemiah
Darius, the Persian, king "D" ?   Haggai 1:1
Zerubbabel resumes construction ? "D+2" Ezra 6:13-15
People ask about 5th month fast. ? "D+4" Zech 7:1-5
Temple repair work complete ? "D+6" Ezra 6:13-15
Birth of Christ 4,007 4,040-33  
Boy Jesus in Temple @ 12 4,019 4,007+12  
Jesus starts His ministry 4,037 4,040-3  
The Crucifixion 4,040 3547+483 Daniel 9:25-26

To give you a time table of what has happened since the Crucifixion, here's several historic items dealing with the children of Israel:

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Jews revolt against Rome   66 AD History
Temple destroyed by Titus   70 AD History
Hadrian destroys/rebuilds Jerusalem   135 AD History
Jews kicked out of Jerusalem   136 AD History
Constantine conquers Jerusalem   324 AD History
Omar conquers Jerusalem   638 AD History
Crusaders conquer Jerusalem   1099 AD History
Saladin conquers Jerusalem   1187 AD History
Suleiman rebuilds Jerusalem   1538 AD History
Israel reborn, Jerusalem split   1948 AD History
Six-Day War, Jerusalem re-united   1967 AD History

As for the future ... I recommend a great prophecy website at www.ad2004.com

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
? Return of Christ ? 6,000 ? Several see the "creation week" as 6 days or 6,000 years for man, and a "Sabbath" or 1,000 years for Christ!

Obviously, since the current year beyond the Crucifixion by more than 1960 years, this study is flawed. Not everything has been revealed to me, nor to those that have helped to date. If God is willing, we shall learn more.

Well, there it is! Remember, any comments or questions, fell free to give me feedback either by or through the guestbook.

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