Abram Leaves Home

For those familiar with scripture and the history of the Jewish people or at least familiar with the Old Testament, here's more events. You will not have seen them in this order before, and you can note that from the list of references, as we seem to be going throughout the book of Genesis, back and forth.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Abram Leaves Haran 2,024 1949+75 Gen 11:26 Gen 12:4

The above line is not accepted by all and deserves further explanation. Some state that Acts 7:4 tells us that Abram left AFTER his father died. If Genesis 11:26 is taken to mean that Abram was born when his father was 70, then Abram would be 135 years old if he left Haran after his father's death! Yet, Genesis 12:4 says Abram was 75 years old when he left.

Either Genesis 11:26 should not be interpreted that Abram was born in Teran's 70th year, or we should say that Abram did not wait until his father was dead before continuing his father's journey.

Here I choose to use Genesis 12:1 to say Abram left early, before his father was dead because He was told to "get out of his father's house". While that may refer to the house in which his father HAD lived, I tend to believe that he left his earthly father alive and continued the journey his earthly father had started. I am still praying about this! (Note, other timeline shows he left at father's death, but was born last, not first!)

Also, Abraham leaves Haran, gets the covenant, and enters Egypt. This is a significant year, because the Exodus dates from it, according to Galatians 3:17. The law (the 10 Commandments) was given 430 years after the promise to Abraham. Also note that Abraham entered Egypt with his 'sister' at this time, so it is not unreasonable (to me) to use this time as the start of the 430 years.

Event, Years AAC, Formula and References
Reu dies at 239 2,026 1787+239 Gen 11:18-21
Ishmael born, Abraham is 86 2,035 1949+86 Gen 16:16
Abraham Circumcised at 99 2,048 1949+99 Gen 17:1
Isaac promised within the year 2,048 as above Gen 18:1-15
Sodom & Gomorrah Destroyed 2,049 in sequence Gen 17-20:5
Isaac born, Abraham is 100 2,049 1949+100 Gen 20:5
Serug dies at 230 2,050 1820+230 Gen 11:22-23
Teran dies at 205 2,084 1879+205 Gen 11:32
Arphaxad dies at 438 2,097 1659+438 Gen 11:10-13
Jacob & Esau born, Isaac is 60 2,109 2049+60 Gen 25:26
Abraham dies at 175 2,124 1949+175 Gen 25:7
Shelah dies at 433 2,127 1694+433 Gen 11:12-15
Esau marries at 40 2,149 2109+40 Gen
Shem dies at 600 2,159 1559+600 Gen 11:10-11
Ishmael dies at 137 2,172 2035+137 Gen 25:17
Eber dies at 464 2,188 1724+464 Gen 11:14-17
Joseph born 2,200 2239-39 Gen 30:22-24
Joseph has dreams at 17 2,217 2200+17 Gen 37:1-11
Isaac dies at 180 2,229 2049+180 Gen 35:28
Joseph is 30 / start 7 fat years 2,229 2199+30 Gen 41:46
End 7 fat /start 7 lean years 2,237 2239-2 Gen 41:54
Jacob in Egypt @130, Joseph is 39 2,239 2109+130 Gen 47:9
Seven lean years end 2,244 2237+7 Gen 45:9-1;47:11
Jacob dies at 147 2,256 2109+147 Gen 47:28
Joseph dies at 110 2,310 2200+110 Gen 50:22-26

The list above is pretty self-explanatory. A sequence of events, all simple to date from earlier events.

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