Are you against bullying? Really?

It seems that the latest political fad in America today is to be vocal against bullying. To teach young children how bad it is, and to do all we can to make children … be nice to each other.

However, looking at the news, I sometimes feel that American adults, especially those that are publicly present, act as bullies themselves. I’m just observing the behavior of American leadership:

  • The two major political parties are trying to bully the other in getting their laws passed, or in getting re-elected. (It does not seem to be about policies anymore, it seems to be about achieving a majority so that the other side can be oppressed.)
  • If you watched the process for the new Supreme Court judge, you saw the bullying done with your own eyes. It was very sad to watch. Especially since these “bullies” justify their behavior.
  • Demonstrators more and more frequently use violence to “bully” their points across. Violent political demonstrations are almost the norm in 2018.
  • Media news outlets frequently expose more bias than news, as they push hard to get their political view across more than the truth. No compromises.
  • Anti-abortion people are trying to “bully” their point of view, while the gun control crowd does the same.

I could go on and on.

If we really want to reduce the amount of bullying going on in our schools, we need to reduce the amount of bullying being reported on the news. There are too many bad examples for the children to follow, which is not what anyone really wants.