Important questions!  Why are you alive? What is the purpose and meaning of your life? Do you have a goal, bigger than yourself that pulls you forward? Do you have a constant need to be entertained? Are you bored because you have nothing to do which would focus your energy, enthusiasm and talents? Do you need to play all the time just to kill your boredom, or to avoid reality?

Do you have a focus, or a desire, which is really, really worthwhile, but you have neither the power nor confidence to realize it? Do you always think of yourself and your own needs? Are you in so much pain, or is your ego so self-serving, that you believe you must keep control? For more on purpose in life, click here.

Do you know what God wants of you, and are you willing to win by surrendering to God? Are you content if He would love you, and that's all life needs to be about?

If you want to be more spiritually filled or have
more inner peace, you may be at the right place!

Balance is importantIs balancing priorities, responsibilities and relationships a drain? Are you spiritually hungry? Does your emotional pendulum swing back and forth faster, more often and further negative than you want? Is your spiritual journey going in spurts? Circles? Is your emotional gas-tank running on fumes? Is the maze of life too twisty and confusing?

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America had a President tough on Muslim Terrorists back in 1804:
"Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute" - Thomas Jefferson, Founder of the Democrat Party, when asked if he would continue to pay tribute to the Barbary Pirates as had all of Europe and the previous President, John Adams.

Instead of paying tribute, he sent the Marines ...  "to the shores of Tripoli."

This website's motto is: May you Hear, Recognize, Understand and Respond when God Talks to You! I am here to share how my life changed for the much, much better once I realized that I was not the center of the universe! I learned that I am not at my best when I want the world to serve me. Much of the material here is original, and much of it is not. Many people learned what I have learned, long before me, and they wrote of it well. You may enjoy our Spiritual Survey.